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PRS Electric Bass Bridge

Keep your Paul Reed Smith bass bridge performing its best with these tech tips!

The Electric Bass features a massive machined PRS designed bridge with heavy-duty saddles. The saddles are adjustable for string height and intonation and are prevented from sideways movement by the base plate sidewalls.

The intonation can be adjusted by moving the four phillips head screws facing the tail end of the bass guitar. Match the octave (fretted) note of all four strings with their corresponding 12th fret open harmonics by shortening or lengthening the strings with the adjusting screws.

When setting the action at the 12th fret the string height should be 2/32" on the treble side to 5/64" on the bass side.

Electric basses with active preamp systems should have the battery replaced at the first sign of weak or distorted sound. If the battery should fail during a performance, flip the mini switch to the second position to disable the preamp and continue in the passive mode.

If you are unfamiliar with making these adjustments, we recommend that the instrument be taken to a qualified repair center.