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Pictures and text by Vintage Rocker Forum member Darren Jarvis - "We went on a trip up to Liverpool for a number of reasons, but had some time to tour the city. I didn't quite get around all I wanted to see, but had a great time. Started off at the Albert dock - where the Beatles story is. They have quite a few additions to the exhibition - notably Georges first acoustic guitar. Not allowed to shoot pics in there I'm afraid, but it was as George himself describes it and it's picture with him in the 50's. I can remember him saying that he took it to bits - you can see two countersunk screws where he did so. Collin Hanton from the Quarrymen's drum kit is there - it's really tiny! John's glasses. There used to be John's white 'imagine'. I don't think that the one in there was the original, though I believe George Michael has it.....I'm not sure. Anyway - here's a pictorial guide of what I managed to capture - lots more besides."

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