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Marshall Factory Tour

Thanks to Vintage Rocker Forum member John "Ducksy" Reardon who visited the Marshall Factory, took pictures, and made this tour of the factory possible.

"Myself and very good friend Mike Wright also from VR decided to take the factory tour on 1st Dec 06 in Bletchley Milton Keynes - the site of Marshall Amplifiers since 1984, but they have been in Bletchley since June '66. We talked and looked at my old JTM 45, then we did the tour with Paul Marshall which we both thought was excellent. We visited the various sections of production and got some history on the buildings that have now merged into one. They handwire certain amps by popular demand and I think you'll agree that they look very close to what they used to make. Their biggest market is the U.S. from what they make in the UK, but certain lines are produced in the far east now. The tour ended with a viewing of the museum and some merchandise shopping. A very worthwhile trip." - John Reardon

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