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Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead

This is one great looking and great sounding amplifier. It's like having three tube amplifiers at your disposal!  Set one channel for clean, one for crunch, and one for solos. And at the end of the night, you'll have just one amp to load out!


  • Clean, Crunch, and Lead channels each with separate Volume and Gain controls.

  • A totally independent EQ network provides separate bass, middle, and treble for each channel.

  • Accutronics spring reverb for Clean and Crunch/Lead channels.

  • The Deep Switch -- unique to Marshall -- uses resonance to produce a tight low end rumble in direct proportion to the size of the speaker cabinet. The Clean and Crunch/Lead sections each have their own Deep Switch.

  • Mid Boost button is featured on the Clean channel.

  • Tone Shift is featured on the Lead and Crunch channels. This feature reconfigures the middle frequencies to produce a more mid-scooped sound that is effective for beefing up sound at low volumes.

  • Both channels have a choice of two push button modes

  • Individual FX Loop Mix controls for Clean and Crunch/Lead.

  • Loop A is the master loop for the entire amp if only one FX loop is used, or is dedicated to the Clean Channel if Loop B is also used.

  • You can configure the loops to act as footswitchable Master Volume stages (ala the SL-X).

  • Individual Presence conrols for Clean and Crunch/Lead.

  • Power Amp Mute feature for silent recording via the built-in Speaker Emulation DI circuit.

  • Virtual Power Reduction (VPR) mode that effectively emulates a 25 watt power amp. Great for recording or for smaller venues.

  • The TSL122 (combo) model features one each of the Marshall Celestion Vintage and Marshall Celestion Heritage speakers. Combining the characteristics of both speakers helps to enhance the sonic capabilities of this unique amp.

  • The optional TSLC212 extension cabinet has a similar speaker loading to complement the TSL122 combo both visually and sonically.

  • XLR rear panel direct out connector allows direct input to PA board or recording mix console.

  • Svetlana EL34 power tubes are used.

  • Marshall foot controller PEDL-10021 is included with TSL amps and offers switching between Clean, Crunch and Lead channels, plus reverb and FX loop selection.