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The following is a collection of pictures, a visual tour, of the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California. We would like to thank Fender's Dave Maddux for his generous picture contributions from a few years back.

The Fender Custom Shop is where dreams are made! Since 1987, the Custom Shop has been making some of the best guitars and amplifiers on the planet. Situated in Corona, California, the shop contains the finest luthiers, woodworkers and artisans in the world, who create exquisitely hand-crafted masterpieces.

The Fender Custom Shop didn't officially exist until 1987, the idea for building "custom" guitars surfaced many years earlier. However, the dream did not become a reality until Bill Schultz, the CEO at the time, saw the value of a custom shop concept. John Page and Michael Stevens were asked to be the first custom builders. They started small, in an 850-square-foot space near the Corona factory, expecting to build only a handful of instruments a month.

Many different kinds of guitars are built in the Fender Custom Shop. This includes a full line of Custom Shop, "Team Built", guitars, and the heart and soul of the Custom Shop, the Master Builder Program.

The Master Builder Program involves inviting first-rate guitar builders to contribute their luthier skills in an open, creative, format. It also provides Custom Shop customers the opportunity to communicate directly with the builder, making sure that the guitar the customer receives the end product he or she wanted.

The Master Builder Program's focus on communication and teamwork ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Disclaimer: Vintage Rocker is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments or the Fender Custom Shop in any way. We do not arrange or schedule factory tours!

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