Hello All --

Once upon a time, I had a 2006 Cu24 which I loved. My favorite position was the rich/full single coil sound in the "7" position (if "10" were the bridge) or "4" position (if the bridge were "1"). That position was a very convincing single coil sound with plenty of juice.

Recently I've been looking at a late 2007 Cu24. It has the three way switch with push-pull for single coil on the tone pot. I know the tonal options are somewhat different between the two, but here's my question --

Does the after-2007 three-way version get that same "7" position single coil sound from earlier pre-2007 models?

I have no idea what made the 7 so good -- if it was outer-coils, bridge and neck bucker, inner-coils, bridge and neck -- but to me it was an essential PRS sound. I'm hesitant to grab a newer model if it doesn't have some version of that built into the 3-way/push pull settings.

Cheers and many thanks in advance for any help!