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Thread: when did SE Angelus line get the stripped pickups?

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    Default when did SE Angelus line get the stripped pickups?

    I just impulse bought an SE A30E, without actually looking at anything except that it was a PRS SE Acoustic. Ya see, my singer has one of the early SE Angelus Customs - with the tuner and eq.

    You might imagine my surprise to see just a soundhole volume and tone control on the A30E.. What gives? Does anyone know Paul's rationale for changing pickups? It sure doesn't sound any better than the old one, and I miss the eq and tuner functions already. If it sounded better - say like a Fishman soundhole rig, I'd be ok with the change. As it is, I'm tempted to send it back.

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    Did you pick that up as the SDOTD from MF? I noticed that difference also. I think they added the hardshell case but dropped the older electronics. I also prefer the older style and considered sending it back. I don't know whats going on with them though since they are out of stock everywhere pretty much. Maybe changing thing when the new models hit. I don't see them discontinuing this model...the only reason I am considering keeping it is not knowing when/if they will be available again. Especially at the price I paid...
    I have dealt with everyone here for the most part not a bad experience yet, you guys are great! - G

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