About a year ago I got a PRS H with a 2x12 cab really have been liking it , killer OD channel and a really nice clean to use the pedals on but my trusty old Mesa MKII has been sitting on the sidelines a lot relegated to guest amp duty so the last couple of days I have been cranking up the old girl and it just wasn't happening wondering if there was something wrong possibly time for a trip back to Mesa for a tune up.
Then last night I thought what if I plug the Mesa into my 2x12 cab !!! BAM there was the sound my ears have gotten used to a closed back cab and it just so happen I have a second cab I was using to hold up guitar cases even tho the other cab is completely different ( Jensen MOD50 speakers vs V30s ) and a different cab size and design the results were the same it just worked better for me now a different feel than the Combo may try running the 2x12 and the full Combo to see what I get tonight just glad that the Mesa is fine and back in the mix