Okay, so I dug the SSC so much that I jumped into another Knaggs right away. I have been thinking about something with 24 Frets, but with a Gibson sort of scale, a stoptail, and nice beefy neck, with Mahogany Neck and Body and Rosewood Board.

I was looking at the Knaggs Keya's, and when I saw this one with the Spalted Maple with the Turquoise stone in the top, I totally dug it! At first I did not care for the body shape, but it has really grown on me so far. I get it now, sort of an SG sort of thing, with symmetrical horns, but with Joe's unique lines and shapes that he does, that I am starting to really like across their product line.

It plays and sounds GREAT!! Honestly, while the SSC checks all the right juvenile Rock and Roll and Les Paul boxes, I think I like this one a little better. It is sort of like an SG on Steroids, without the bad geometry and neck heaviness.

6.6 pounds, super lightweight, thin body. Great neck carve, not nearly as beefy as the '59 SS carve on the SSC, but still in the beefy camp.

These SD Seth Lover pickups sound great!

Having fun checking out 2 Knaggs guitars this week!!

P.S. Thank you to my new friend Garett at Boxcar Guitars!