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Thread: Murali's 513 to 515 (519?) Mod

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    Default Murali's 513 to 515 (519?) Mod

    Ping me at murali AT kalimusic DOT com with questions, or leave 'em here.

    I should mention that doing this mod DOES NOT require you "remove" the circuit board. You do have to remove the knobs and nuts and screws so the entire wiring assembly can be lifted some to allow removal of the old pot and installation of the push/pull pot.

    Here's the part #: R-VB-500KA-PPSP
    It's high-quality Bourne push/pull 500kAudio pot.

    Paste the number into the search field on this website:

    no modification to the mounting hole is necessary. I've done the mod on both the versions of the 513 circuit board and had no issues. If you have any other questions just email me.

    I use the Bourns 500kA push/pull pot available from

    part #R-VB2-PPSP

    The tone pot is converted to push/pull.

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    Hey Murali, good to see you here!
    I Love Me Some Singlecuts

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    Still here, though not very often (obviously). LOL!

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