Original post by Bzurkpanda:

Does anyone have any insight on how I could go about restoring some etched PRS birds? These are the Mammoth Ivory type which have what I assume is a dark filler of some sort to show off the etchings. The etchings themselves are in good shape, but the "filler" has worn off in several areas.

I can't imagine is would be as simple a reapplying a dark wood filler and gently buffing away the excess, could it?


If you are talking about making the etched area Black again... I have seen it done 3 ways.

1).Stewart Mac sell an ink or etching black (I think it's called). Wipe on / off.
2). Ink from a Sharpy. Wipe on / off
3). China marker.... Wipe on / off

I suggest number #1 - http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Inlay,_p...ng_Filler.html


Ron Thorn:

A tip for using the "$18 crayon" as we call it in the shop is to heat the tip against a lightbulb before rubbing it into the etching or engraving. Use a stiff papertowel to wipe off, or sheer off, the excess wrapped around something hard like a small wood block or eraser. Don't use a soft towel or cloth rag for this, it will pull out the filler.